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• Chosson • Wedding • Tenoyim
To Order: 917-553-1462
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Wedding Gowns Sizes 2 – teen.
Matching Boys Collection.
BP-M. Halpert: 347-385-2638

Monsey-R. Silber: 845-445-5458

Ruchy’s Sunday Funday
12th & 36th, 11-4. Girls grades 1-4.
Avail weekly/overnights & drop ins.
Have a Simcha? Near Tiferes Rivka & The Legacy. Call: 347-683-2781

15 Passenger Van Service
Long distance, the country,
airports, deliveries, messenger,
light moving & more.

Gavriel Pollack: 718-419-9006

Driver w/ 15 Pass Honda Odyssey
avail by hr / Long distance trips.
Can drive your car, SUV, van, truck if nec. Comp savvy, Yiddish speaking.

Yidy: 646-738-0212

2 SD cards on Wmsbg-BP bus on Sunday Feb. 26.


Bris Gemach
Brand new, beautiful Bris set avail. We wash before & after.
Also stunning Vach Nacht outfit.

718-633-3659 or 917-683-5557

Maternity Simcha Gemach
Gowns/dresses. Sun by appt. Wed:
9-10PM. Also, looking to buy current, elegant maternity gowns/dresses.

1325 56th • 718-871-2005

Eczma Prevention
If you are on antibiotic before delivery/during nursing, take a good probiotic. Prevent suffering, free help.


Bris Gemach
Cards w/ tefilah to be mispalel while baby cries which is ais ratzon.


Glassware Gemach
לע”נ אליהו ומשה אליעזר יוסף -ן ברוך הלוי
Fruit & salad bowls, cake trays, mirror trays, vases, tea lights, candy dishes,
cookie jars & plates. Glass shelves.


Simcha Gemach
Glass bowls & trays to lend. No fee.
l”n Shprintza bas Sara Nechuma